WiFi QR Code: Connect To Any WiFi Network Instantly

For SMBs, restaurants, cafes, and hotels, the main goal is undoubtedly to deliver a great customer experience. 

And a part of the experience involves free WiFi. 

Wifi QR Code

Sharing long passwords that are cumbersome for users to type or asking customers to get in touch with staff to retrieve the password is the opposite of a good customer experience.

Considering that the latest smartphones are equipped with an in-built QR Code scanner, shifting to WiFi QR Codes to connect to the internet is easy, efficient, and less time-consuming. 

WiFi QR Codes eliminate the need to type in long and hard to spell passwords, further alleviating customers’ and guests’ process of sharing and connecting to the internet, making businesses more capable, trustworthy, and customer friendly. 

What is a WiFi QR Code?

A WiFi QR Code allows you to connect to the internet by scanning the assigned WiFi QR Code with the help of a smartphone via its camera or third-party QR Code scanner apps without the need to type in the password. 

WiFi QR Codes can be shared with customers and guests easily and can even be used to change the password frequently without typing in the password every time manually. This is convenient and enhances the WiFi security since the password is not shared with others unnecessarily.  

How to create a WiFi QR Code for your WiFi network

To create a WiFi QR Code for your WiFi network, follow these steps – 

  1. Go to Beaconstac’s QR Code generator and start a free trial 
  2. Choose WiFi under types of QR Codes 
Choose WiFi QR Code
  1. Enter the details of your WiFi network, such as SSID number, encryption mode, and password. If you do not wish to keep it password-protected, you can leave the space empty
Enter details of your WiFi QR Code
  1. Customize your WiFi QR Code and add a CTA frame that says Scan QR Code to join WiFi 
Customize WiFi QR Code
  1. Generate and test the WiFi QR Code 
  2. Download WiFi QR Code 
Download WiFi QR Code

Why do you need a WiFi QR Code?

A WiFi QR Code is an easy way to access the internet by connecting to a WiFi network by scanning the QR Code from any smartphone or tablet. 

With the help of an online QR Code generator, you can create a WiFi QR Code easily that connects to the internet automatically when scanned. Simply print the WiFi QR Code and leave it in common areas for guests to quickly scan and connect to the network. 

Where can you use WiFi QR Codes?

1. Public spaces 

Wifi QR Code at public places

Most cities worldwide have free community WiFi connections for the public to access the internet with ease. This facility has allowed tourists, localities, and other public sections to connect to the WiFi network without searching for the password. 

By embedding WiFi QR Codes at regular intervals throughout the space, people can simply scan the QR Code to connect to the network without asking around for the password. 

2. Restaurants 

WiFi QR Codes at restaurants

One of the most common problems in restaurants is asking the waiter for the WiFi password. Make it easier for your guests by placing WiFi QR Codes on tabletops, windows, and even on menus so guests can easily scan the WiFi QR Code to connect to the internet. 

3. Hospitals 

WiFi QR Codes at hospitals

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for test results in a hospital that has poor cellular network reception. Embed WiFi QR Codes at visible points in hospitals and clinics so patients and their visitors can scan the QR Code to connect to the WiFi with ease. 

4. Office spaces 

WiFi QR Codes at offices

Considering the magnitude of office spaces and the number of people that visit the area, WiFi QR Codes must be placed every few meters, so one does not have to go looking for the authorized person for the WiFi password. 

Use WiFi QR Codes so guests and employees can scan the WiFi QR Code to connect to the internet easily. 

5. Tourist spots 

WiFi QR Codes at tourist spots

Adding WiFi QR Codes at tourist spots helps you gain traction with tourists posting on social media, helping them with navigation, and listing out must-visit places in the vicinity. Place WiFi QR Codes on sidewalks, lamp posts, and banners so tourists can easily scan the QR Code to connect to the internet. 

6. Hotels

WiFi QR Code at hotels

While an impeccable service is important, providing free WiFi to guests speaks volume about hotels and the importance they give to their guests.

According to Motorola Solutions, a recent study reveals that over 90% of business travelers want WiFi access in their rooms, and others stated that they would not return to a hotel if there was no WiFi.

Embedding WiFi QR Codes in hotel rooms and common areas rules out the need to reach out to the hotel staff for internet connectivity. Place an instructional banner next to the WiFi for guests to understand how to connect to the internet.

Hoteliers can attract and retain travelers in an efficient manner with access to free, high-speed internet in their offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I connect to a WiFi network with an Android smartphone?

There are two ways to connect to a WiFi network with your Android smartphone – 

#1 Android Settings 

  1. Swipe down on your notifications on your Android smartphone to locate your WiFi connection. You can also open it by clicking on Settings > Network > WiFi 
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the section 
  3. Click on the QR Code that is adjacent to the Add Network option 
  4. Now, scan the WiFi QR Code to join the network 

#2 Camera 

  1. Open your camera app on your Android smartphone
  2. Locate the QR Code and position the camera on the QR Code to scan the WiFi QR Code 
  3. Tap on the notification banner to join the network 

2. How do I connect to a WiFi network with an iPhone?

To connect to the WiFi network with iOS – 

  1. Open the camera app 
  2. Position the camera on the WiFi QR Code to scan the QR Code 
  3. Tap on the notification banner to join the WiFi network 

3. Will my WiFi QR Code expire?

No, the WiFi QR Code does not expire since it is a static QR Code. 

4. How does a WiFi QR Code work?

When the WiFi QR Code is scanned successfully using a supporting operating system and smartphone, the user is connected to the internet immediately. To check the connectivity, type www.google.com.

5. How can I share my WiFi without a password?

Share your WiFi without giving away your password, create a WiFi QR Code, and allow your guests to scan the QR Code to join the network without having to type in the password. 

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