What is Akamai Netsession Client & Should I remove it from my PC now?

If you are an avid internet-user, you might have noticed a software/service that keeps running in the background – Akamai Netsession Client. It has caught the attention of a lot of internet users (on Windows computers) and it often worries a lot. People do not usually download it, but somehow, it is there. Akamai Netsession Client is omnipresent on most of the Windows-based devices and works silently in the background. It has been developed by Akamai Technologies, famous for their cloud-based delivery, security and deployment services. However, if you haven’t downloaded this software on your systems, why is it there? Also, is it safe to remove Akamai Netsession Client? Read along and every single one of your questions will be answered over here.

What is Akamai Netsession Client?

Akamai Netsession client is an interface that gets installed on computers in order to provide – speed, security and efficiency to downloads. It works on improving the overall bandwidth of a particular network connection. This, in turn, promotes internet-stability, improves download speed provides and provides a low-latency network connection. With Akamai Netsession Client, you can enjoy a hassle-free and fast internet access (even on unstable connections). It is a really powerful service/tool that works as a background-process and provides a stable internet connection. Once you have this running on your systems, you need not worry about anything else (internet-related).

This software/service is responsible for delivering content as P2P (peer-to-peer) networking from one user to another. For every large-file download request that is made, Akamai Netsession Interface downloading is promoted. This client interface ensures people get a good download quality and a reduced download time. Well, this software not only works as a P2P download manager, but it even doubles as a peer-to-peer server. It helps in delivering cached content from one system to another (as data packets). This content is used up as hidden-cache and cookies in order to provide the users with a more intuitive (and better) internet experience.

In fact, most of the internet-usage that you do like streaming, downloading PDFs and documents, most-of-them are powered by Akamai. Akamai has been around since quite a long time and so has this client-interface service. The Akamai Netsession Client is the reason why this cloud-service company is so popular. With this software application, you can expect the overall network-performance to improve. It does not have any adverse effects on the system as a number of people often claim. In fact, a number of media and software publishers use Akamai Netsession Client in order to stream or to deliver files.

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How did Akamai Netsession Client get installed on the system?

You see, this software does not come as an exclusive software that people need to download/install from anywhere. Instead, it comes bundled up with other programs (other softwares and games). Remember the ‘I Agree’ or ‘Install now’ buttons where you simply click without reading the terms and conditions? Yeah, that is where it is mentioned a number of times that you agree to download/install Akamai Netsession Client. People usually proceed with installation and downloading options without reading the EULA (end-user license agreement) properly. In the end, they tend to get paranoid whenever they find a new software or start-up tool running in the background.

Akamai Netsession Client works to ensure a seamless networking experience on computers. As most of the people on the internet call it, this software is more or less like a software pit.  It really comes into play when background processes that use up the internet work. For instance, consider video-games and how often do they update in the background. What Akamai interfacing software does is that it ensures that the softwares/games get updated easily without affecting mainstream internet performance. In case you are uploading something on the internet (videos/documents), this software acts as a promoter over here as well. The overall upload speed gets improved drastically and the DNS gets set automatically ensuring a good speed.

Consider World of Warcraft (DOTA), a really good RTS game that can be found for free on Steam. It has an extensive player base of over 500,000 players worldwide. However, isn’t it just baffling that this game runs well without issues? Well, there are issues since it runs online, but thanks to Akamai Netsession Client, those get handled very easily. All of this is done under the cascade of background-processes so that players/users are not affected by it at any-cost.

Features of Akamai Netsession Client

  • Akamai Net-session Client is a software interface that promotes fast, reliable and low-latency downloads. It is because of this that even Microsoft recommends using this software. Since Windows adapted to SaaS platform, they have really worked on improving internet-based services. Here is where Akamai comes into play.
  • Everything in this client remains connected to Akamai’s cloud system globally. This cloud-based system ensures data integrity and atomicity in connections. It is a necessary step in improving and maintaining internet resiliency.
  • Talking about security, Akamai have ensured that the servers are SSL secured. This way, every valuable information that travels through here remains safe and well-guarded. The client interface has everything passing through a secured channel that is closely monitored.
  • It has a content delivery process that begins with request pinging. The request gets submitted to a browser, a DNS gets generated and it reaches the server. It is then that the server responds and the ping process gets completed. This way, both the server and the client know that the connection type is secure for access.
  • Akamai Netsession Client also provides a P2P, i.e. a peer-to-peer networking for the end-users. This P2P networking saves your valuable data from getting breached or getting stolen away by hackers. A number of ISPs and servers do not support P2P services. Akamai, on the other hand makes exception for them as well and enables it by default.
  • They have their very own NOCC (Network Operations Command Center) that actively monitors the network connection. This is necessary to ensure that there is no breakthrough of any kind in the connection. Be sure to check it out sometime.
  • Akamai also releases an internet report that goes by the name of State of the Internet. This is really informative and contains information regarding traffic, visualization, speed and latency.

Should you remove Akamai Netsession Client Interface?

As you must have understood by now that this tool is not a system-based tool (i.e. not deployed Microsoft). Instead, Akamai Net-session is a third-party toolkit-service that runs it the background in order to provide a fast and secured internet-access. Users have the full liberty of either keeping it to stay on their systems or to simply uninstall it. In case you are worried about it – let me assure you that it is not a malicious piece of software. You can read more about it on its official Wikipedia page. Here a few things that you should know about this Netsession Client interface.

  • It is not any virus or malicious bug that might harm your systems or OS.
  • In no way does it spy on your and share your data with a third-party server.
  • All it does is to ensure that users get an uninterrupted and seamless internet experience.
  • Akamai ensures that the internet experience is safe, reliable and fast.

Personally, we would recommend you to keep it installed on your devices. It will act as a protective barrier for your systems against external internet-based agents. However, if you still feel that you do not need it installed on your systems anymore, the process of removing it is simple. Here is a detailed process of removing Net-session Client interface for Windows-based devices.

  • First and foremost, go to Start and type Control Panel.
  • Click on the Control Panel option that pops up.
  • Search for the option that says – Add or Remove Programs.
  • In the Search the list option, type Akamai and wait until the Netsession Client shows.
  • Click it and press the option that says – Uninstall.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes until it gets uninstalled.
  • Restart your system once it gets uninstalled.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully uninstalled Akamai-Netsession-Client from your system.

Final words on Removing Akamai Netsession Client

Akamai Netsession Client is a great tool that is useful for internet-based services like surfing, online-gaming, downloading, streaming and working. It is used by millions of Windows users worldwide for an overall better internet experience. For those who worry whether to keep using it or not, Akamai Netsession Client does not harm the systems at all. Windows does not stop the users from removing it as it is a third-party software interface. It is entirely up to the user whether he/she wants to get rid of it. In case you are removing it only because you merely read somewhere then it is unwise. Kindly go through the entire features that Akamai Netsession Client has to offer and the benefits of it as well. It is way more than merely being a network security tool and you should not remove it from their systems. Thanks for reading and feel free to submit your valuable feedback as well. Kudos!

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