Trump now openly admits to sending Giuliani to Ukraine to find damaging information about his political opponents, even though he strongly denied it during the impeachment inquiry. : worldnews

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The guy is a sack of bloated shit… no respect for the rule of law, the republican party following the same… alongside his “friends” chosen for “service”. Of how many of which have been found guilty of criminal conduct thusfar? How many others of even some semblance of integrity have quit? Even that sack of BS Barr voicing his displeasure over the presidents tweeting idiocy..

There is nothing conservative about who and what the republican party as things stand represents.

No values involving rule of law, no values about morality… No, nothing at all conservative what so ever at the face of it all.

It is all about fox news partisan party and special interest, bullshit political interest, sports team politics & and money ahead of the United states constitution, bill of rights and the interest of its peoples.

All of these “toe the party line” bullshitters are treasonous and need to be treated as such. Moscow Mitch, treason turtle… the names have a very good and stable foundation…

As a traditionally conservative military retiree i can not understand why people would ever want to vote for this sack of shit. There is nothing conservative about the republican party, about trump and all of this reicht-wing bullshit…

I will never vote for a “reichtpublican” rep ever as things stand. This all is ridiculous bullshit that needs to stop.

If you are pro trump, you are not conservative, you are pro bullshit if not our right treasonous in supporting these “people”. So for the sake of anyone/everyone around stop calling yourself conservative and start calling your self something else…. Tumpreichtian, or something since as things stand you are not conservative, you are treasonous with 0 respect for rule of law.

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