QR Code Generator for Teachers: The Ultimate Guide

Classroom technology has witnessed some dramatic changes of late – from the basic learning model’s dynamism to the prominence of the latest technology and even using gadgets inside the classroom. 

Keeping students engaged is a tough job for teachers, and the reliance on technology has helped educators ease and streamline the process. 

QR Code generator for teachers

Over 86% of teachers say technology should be a core part of learning. With the fast-track deployment of innovative learning tools and a universal reliance on technology for teaching, there is a fresh perspective on school technology. 

Schools now truly identify the tools they need to aid learning and boost results and those they don’t need. 

With a plethora of ed-tech tools available, simple tools such as QR Code generators for teachers can be anchored for an effortless teaching and learning system to eliminate difficult-to-understand installation processes, which can pose a problem for both teachers and students. 

Using simple tech tools such as QR Codes in place of complicated ed-tech tools can be rewarding to both teachers and students. 

Why should a QR Code generator for teachers be used?

QR Code generator for teachers

A traditional classroom with no usage of technology can not only diminish the horizons of learning for students, but it can also be hard to access even essential learning guides. 

Even with digital tools in classrooms, it often gets difficult to search, read, and receive constant updates about their course when done manually. 

The right QR Code generator for teachers can be used to generate QR Codes to be placed in classrooms, websites, hallways, and circular boards to share important information, course details, and notifications to students with a simple scan. 

QR Codes can be read easily with smartphones and tablets and does not require any third-party software or even a heavy reliance on complicated gadgets, making it the go-to tool for most teachers. 

QR Codes for teachers help save time, establish quicker processes, and even share vital information with a single scan. 

How to create QR Codes for teachers 

To create a QR Code for teachers depending on their usage, use an online QR Code generator with reliable and dynamic features to help embed QR Code for any usage. 

Follow these simple steps to create a QR Code for teachers – 

  1. Go to Beaconstac’s online QR Code generator
  2. Choose the type of QR Code you want to use 
  3. Fill in the details of the QR Code 
  4. Customize the QR Code by changing the eyes, the color of the eyes, adding a logo, changing the template, and even a background image 
  5. Customize the QR Code further by adding a password, if need be. Or, even switch the toggle on for multi-lingual support
  6. Now, test the scannability of the QR Code 
  7. Finally, download the QR Code in any of the formats – SVG, PNG, PDF, or EPS

QR Code generator for teachers: 7 ways learning can be made fun!

#1 Create a scavenger hunt

Create scavenger hunt with QR Codes for teachers

A scavenger hunt can make any type of learning fun and interesting. Get the students up and running by placing hints, questions, or even treasures around the classroom. 

Make it easier by adding QR Codes as hints to the scavenger hunt, so when students scan the QR Code, they are redirected to the location containing the answer. 

Keep the game engaging by linking the QR Code for a scavenger hunt to fun clues, new locations, and even the game prize by merely scanning the QR Code. 

The traditional chit system of scavenger hunts can be confusing and can often be misplaced. QR Codes for scavenger hunts are easy, quick, and engaging! 

#2 Quick access to digital resources

QR Codes for teachers to help students access digital resources

Accessing digital documents and educational guides by typing out URLs and browsing through official resources is not only time-consuming but can also lead to human errors. 

Not just that, transferring a digital document to paper to share with pupils separately depending on their selection of courses is tedious. 

Make the process easier by embedding QR Codes in classrooms to help them access their respective course materials with their smartphones. Use PDF QR Codes or URL QR Codes so students can scan them to obtain their materials with a simple scan. 

The Andhra Pradesh School Education Department introduced digital educational initiatives called the E-Knowledge eXchange/Diksha platform to provide access to a virtual classroom experience for the last three years. 

Textbooks are supplied with QR Codes that can be scanned via the Diksha app. When scanned, students are directed to specific topics/procedures in each lesson, images, and videos of that particular topic.   

#3 Attendance 

QR Codes for teachers for quick attendance

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has leveraged QR Codes for its students to mark their attendance for lessons and co-curricular activities. The university used location-specific QR Codes at the entrance of lecture theatres, seminars, and laboratories so students can scan them to fill in their names and mobile numbers. 

A manual attendance system can lead to human errors and is also time-consuming. Make use of QR Codes for teachers to make it easier for students to mark their attendance and avoid confusion. 

Link the QR Code to forms or landing pages for students to submit their names and numbers. Place these QR Codes at entry/exit points of classes, seminar halls, and common spaces, so it’s easier for students to notice and scan them. 

Be sure to include a password to the QR Code so only registered students can mark their attendance and attend the class to avoid unnecessary interruptions. 

#4 Quick link to answer sheets 

QR Code generator for teachers to link answer sheets

With the number of assignments and projects in place, students have difficulty cross-checking their submissions with the right answers. The process especially gets harder when students opt for different courses, and each course has various assignments. 

Make it easier for students by leveraging QR codes to access the answer sheets quickly and easily without having to type the URL or browse through the vast resources. 

Place QR Codes on assignment booklets and the students’ portal so the answer sheet can be quickly accessed. Students struggling to get the right answer can use this resource or even watch a quick video to help them compose the right answer. 

#5 Interactive classroom calendar 

QR Code for teachers to set up class calendars

Tidy up and supply all the information regarding any event, activities, class-related activities, and other co-curricular activities by making use of QR Codes.

Use event QR Codes and embed them on the notification boards and classroom calendars so when scanned, students can view them on their respective websites and RSVP to the particular event without a hassle. 

Add the location, time, details, and even  RSVP slot so teachers or organizers can quickly notify the attendees well in advance and set reminders for others. 

Edit and replace the information about class events and other important reminders with QR Codes in real-time, so students do not get confused.

#6 Campus guides 

QR Code for teachers and students for campus guides

Several colleges and schools use QR Codes so students and teachers can get to any point in the campus quickly without getting lost. 

QR Codes for campus guides can be a great way for students and teachers to learn about the campus history, important events happening in the school and even help them contact the right department head with a single scan. 

These QR Codes can also be placed in entry points and shared spaces such as libraries, cafeterias, pathways, and sports arenas so it is visible and students can access it quickly. 

Link the QR Code to the school or college’s official website to scan through events, guides, and other important information. 

#7 Easy access to audiobooks 

QR Code generator for teachers to access audiobooks

Utilize QR Code generators for teachers to generate audio QR Codes that can be placed in classrooms and libraries for students to scan. 

When scanned, these QR Codes can serve as an educational tool for students. QR Codes can also be used to provide quick and easy links to podcasts, articles, and other websites with audio that students can get their hands on instantly. 

QR Codes for teachers have changed the everyday classroom, and how! 

The 21st-century classroom has changed the traditional classroom system’s dynamics by introducing new tech tools to facilitate more classroom engagement with limited technical knowledge, and QR Codes for teachers are just that. 

With easy tools such as QR Code generators for teachers being the unsung heroes of classroom engagement in 2020, teachers and students do not have to depend on complicated technology to help sail their classes smoothly. 

QR Codes can be edited in real-time, analyzed, set passwords for, and even help teachers set up any kind of event, share important updates, help students with their attendance, and even guide them within minutes – all with a single scan. 

Technology has indefinitely changed the face of education by improving engagement and behavior to help students learn better. With QR Codes in place, a digital-first approach is easy and also very useful. 

Help bridge the gap between unseen and living concepts in a classroom by opening doors to the impossible and improbable with QR Codes for teachers and students to establish a better and engaging educational experience. 

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