QR Code Contrast Checker & More: Product Update

  • Last Updated: September 30, 2020

  • This month, we’ve rolled out 2 new feature updates to help you maximize your QR Code and NFC marketing campaigns.

    First, we’ve introduced a QR Code Contrast Checker* on the dashboard that helps you create colorful QR Codes without having to worry about whether your users will be able to scan it or not.

    *This feature is still in the beta version. If you have any questions or issues, please chat with us or email us at support@beaconstac.com

    Second, we’ve expanded the types of campaigns you can run with an NFC tag. You can now have users send you a predefined email or SMS or automatically call you.

    Let’s dive right into it.

    UPDATE #1: QR Code Contrast Checker

    The Problem:

    We noticed that we were getting tons of hits for our blog post “Why is my QR Code not working?” and the most common solution was to fix the contrast.

    Ideally, we recommend a 40% contrast between the background and foreground. But we wanted to make it super easy for you to know whether the QR Code is ‘Unscannable’ or if the scannability is ‘Poor’, ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent.’

    The Fix: 

    We’ve added an in-built contrast measurement checker that notifies you as you make changes to your QR Code that alerts you of the QR Code’s scannability.

    How does it work?

    1. Create a QR Code like you normally would

    2. Play around with the customizations

    3. Based on your actions, you will see one of the below messages with instructions on how to fix it.

    UPDATE #2: NFC Campaign Types

    The Problem:

    Static campaign types like SMS, email and call weren’t available for our NFC tags. Based on your feedback, we decided to extend the capabilities of our NFC tags.

    The Fix:

    Now, you can set up a campaign to have users call, email or message you with a single tap of the NFC tag.

    How does it work?

    1. Click on ‘Edit’ next to the tag you want to edit

    2. Choose the new campaign type.

    3. Add details and save it.

    P.S. We’ve also added these Static campaign types to the list of Dynamic QR Codes types. So, if you’re a QR Code user, you can now track the number of users that scan the QR Code to call, message or email you.

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