OG Instagram Apk Download 10.15 (Official) Latest Version 2020

Exclusive functions of OG Instagram Apk

OG Instagram offers many options to the users which are not provided by the official application. You can get lots of exciting features which are mentioned below

You can log in 2 accounts in a once using OG Instagram Apk. You will get the notifications related to both accounts at the same time using this interesting version of IG. There is no need to remove your account information to log in to another one. Just

Operate both accounts simultaneously using OG Instagram Apk.

The best thing about this version of Instagram is its media downloading feature. Official Instagram never allows its user to download any image, video or GIF in the gallery from the application while in case of OG Instagram Apk, you can download all types of media including images, videos, boomerangs  and anything else directly into the gallery

Using OG Instagram Apk, you can share URLs of images and videos with your friends very easily. In this way, they can make quick access to the media that you want to share with them.

OG Instagram Apk has an inbuilt ‘Follow indicator’. This feature is designed to let the user know about the people who are following or un-following him. You will get a notification whenever you find someone who starts following you or un-follow your account.

OG Instagram Apk is the application that makes your access to the tiny profile picture and allows you to zoom in. In the case of the original application, you are unable to view that image properly.

You have enjoyed the feature of IGTV on official Instagram in which you can see the lengthy videos very easily. These videos are not downloaded by the official Instagram app. Download the whole IGTV video by using OG Instagram Apk.

OG Instagram APK allows the user to translate the texts which they receive in personal chats. You can translate captions only in using official IG application but this version offers you text message translation.

The auto-playing of videos

In the official IG app, you need to click on the video for opening the sound of the video. OG Instagram is designed with the autoplay of sound. This is the default function of this application.

Connect this application with Facebook and share your post from IG to Facebook very comfortably. This feature helps save time and allows the user to share a single post on two different sites by just a single click.

Using OG Instagram Apk, you can download stories of the contacts in your gallery. There is no need to ask for written status as well. You can easily copy the written status and paste it wherever you want using OG Instagram Apk.

OG Instagram has inbuilt multi-language support that helps to operate this application in the desired language without any difficulty.

You can copy the bios of the people and paste it anywhere. OG Instagram Apk has an option of clipboard that let the user copy written statuses, captions, and all types of texts so that they can use these lines for themselves.

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