How to manage your contacts on the WhatsApp Share Sheet for iOS




WhatsApp offers the support to show your WhatsApp contacts on the iOS share sheet.
In this article we explain how to manage these contacts, and how to fix all issues that may occur.

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Name of the feature? WhatsApp Share Sheet
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WhatsApp allows to show your contacts and groups on the iOS share sheet on iOS 13.6 and newer updates.

But is there a way to manage your contacts and groups there? Definitely yes.

Add a new contact:

You can add a new contact on the share sheet simply sending a message to that specific contact. WhatsApp automatically adds contacts and groups in the share sheet every time there is a new outgoing message in the chat. Note that Screen Lock, in WhatsApp Settings > Account > Screen Lock must be disabled.

Remove a contact:

If you don’t like to see a specific contact in the share sheet, you have two possibilities, based on which iOS version you’re on:

  • iOS 13: you can remove him blocking and unblocking that contact. WhatsApp automatically removes contacts from the share sheet every time the user is blocked. Note that the contact will be added again every time you chat with him.
    For groups there isn’t actually a fast way (excluding the possibility to exit from the group). We understand it’s very uncomfortable, but it’s the only way on iOS 13.
  • iOS 14: tap and hold the contact/group on the share sheet and you can remove it.

Remove all contacts:

You can remove all contacts simply enabling Screen Lock. For privacy reasons, WhatsApp automatically removes all contacts from the share sheet every time you enable Screen Lock.

Sometimes the iOS share sheet has issues and WhatsApp contacts doesn’t appear or they do nothing. How to fix?

WhatsApp contacts are disappeared:

This likely happens after updating your WhatsApp version from the App Store. You have to open WhatsApp and every time you send a new message in a chat, WhatsApp starts to populate the share sheet again.

Nothing happens when selecting contacts:

The reason is the same above mentioned: just open WhatsApp again after an update and they should start working.
If this doesn’t fix the issue, send manually a message to a contact (to update the contact in the share sheet) and try again. If the issue isn’t fixed yet, block and unblock the contact to remove it from the share sheet (because it might be a “bad shortcut”), send a message to that contact and it should work.
Some people have also reported that restarting the iPhone definitely helps to fix this bug, because WhatsApp extensions are reloaded.

Contacts never appear in the share sheet:

As mentioned above, when Screen Lock is enabled, WhatsApp doesn’t add contacts in the share sheet, for privacy reasons. You have to disable Screen Lock if you would like to see them there. Unfortunately you cannot have Screen Lock enabled and contacts in the share sheet at the same time.

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