Google Play Movies May Offer Free, Ad-Based Movies and TV Shows Soon

Google could be bringing a free to watch ad-based library of movies and TV shows on its Google Play Movies app in the near future, multiple reports have suggested. The new Google Play Movies update will reportedly add a category of movies and TV shows that will include ads to let users watch content free of cost. Reports have suggested that Google will follow a model similar to American streaming service Vudu that also provides free ad-supported content.

The Google Play Movies app currently lets users rent or purchase movies. However, according to a report by XDA Developers, the APK teardown of version v4.18.37 of the Google Play Movies app has indicated that Google seems to be planning to add a category of free-to-watch ad-based movies and TV shows. The strings of code in the Google Pay Movies APK has also been also verified by 9to5Google in their report. One string within the Google Play Movies code, according to both reports, includes a “hundreds of movies” available with “just a few ads,” that suggests that it will be an ad-based library.

The 9to5Google report says that several strings within the app’s code indicates that Google might bring this feature soon. Further, it said that the new films will just be an extension of YouTube Movies since Google Play Movies and YouTube share from the same library when it comes to purchased content.

Further, it said that the free movies might also require users to enter a birthdate, which could potentially be to keep children from watching R-rated films.

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