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GBInstagram 2019

GBInstagram is considered to be the best mod for Instagram which is available on the internet. Guess what ? GBInstagram for Android is available free to download and use. It removes all the restrictions set by the instagram. The gbinsta instagram mod is heavily used by Android users as it has many cool and amazing features. This mod app got the ability to download images, videos and stories shared on the platform. It also brings some unique features like you can be anonymous while watching others stories, you can translate comments, themes and much more. In this article, we will be sharing the latest version gbinstagram apk download & how to download and install it on Android device !

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Just take a look at the social networking sites like facebook, twitter, instagram & more where you will find that person are now busy uploading pictures & videos. The craze of the mobile photography has raised to that extent that even the users who don’t have much knowledge about it have also busied themselves with their cameras. One of those social sites Instagram is very popular which is now used by millions. It is a social platform where millions of users share pictures, videos & stories daily. Since it’s backed by facebook, users don’t think twice before hitting that upload button. However, if you are also engaged with Instagram, then you might be aware of the fact that insta platform imposes some sort of restrictions. You can download latest gbinsta apk from the download section below to unlock the restricted & get the extra features :

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GBInstagram Apk Download For Android

gbinstagram apk download latest version
GBInstagram Apk Download Latest Version
Name GBInstagram
Size 40 MB
Version 1.60
Developer GB Mods
Root No
Category Insta Mod
Downloads 10 Million +
Supports Android 4.0 +
Updated October 2018


What is GBInstagram ?

As we all know, Instagram doesn’t allow users to download any media files shared on their platform. Yes, you can’t download any content like images, videos, and stories shared on it because it’s against their terms and conditions. So, in these situations, Android users choose to install a modded version of Instagram that removes all those restrictions. As the downloading feature is not available, Android users always find a way to grab what they need. Therefore they will take help of a modded version of Instagram to fulfill their extra needs. You will find a number of Instagram mods online. Almost every mod comes with its own unique features. But, all these mods have the main motive of removing all those restrictions on Instagram. Out of all popular Instagram mods, GBInstagram is the most popular one as the majority of the Android users use it.

GBInsta (Features)

Well, if you are looking for the modded version of Instagram, then we prefer you to choose gbmods GB Instagram. This instagram mod comes with lots of advanced features & tweaks that can enhance your usage experience. The GBInsta mod packs a few impressive features which we have mentioned right below. So, make sure to spend some minutes exploring its amazing & cool features it provides :


No Root

Well, the first and the foremost feature of GBInsta is that it works pretty well on both rooted and the non-rooted Android devices. Usually, modded files work on a rooted device because it plays with your Android System’s core files. But, It doesn’t require root so it runs perfectly on non-rooted devices.


Free To Use

As we have discussed above that gb instagram for Android is one of the greatest mod ever made for Instagram. The best thing about this insta mod is that it’s available for free and the app doesn’t have any hidden charges also. So, gbinsta mod and all its services which it provides remain free forever.


Download Content

It is the most noteworthy feature of this insta mod. This is the same thing with the gb instagram mod as it allows users to download almost all the media files shared on the instagram. You can now easily download photos, videos, and stories with just few clicks. This is the main feature of gbinsta & majority of users use it because of the download feature.



It is developed by gbmods so themes are must & yes you will also be getting many fantastic & cool customization tweaks. You will have a no. of inbuilt themes which you can apply with one click and change your default insta look to a brand new look and feel. GBInsta also gets daily themes updates which will never let you be bored of the same look.



The latest version of gb instagram mod also add some features to the comments and languages. Now you can translate comments into your desired language. You can also copy and paste comments at ease. This feature can be helpful to understand foreign comments & commenting in diff languages.


Zoom Feature

The GB Instagram is the only modded version of Instagram which allows users to zoom in or out on the photos. The feature is not available on stock or official Instagram app, but using it you can avail the feature free of cost. You can also view profile pics of others users at full zoom with a single click.

dual instagram

Dual Instagram

Another plus point of using gbinsta is that you can run dual (2) instagram accounts at the same time. Usually, users need to log out before signing into the new account, but while using this mod, you can use the dual Instagram accounts at the same time on the same device. It can be useful if you feel that switching accounts again & again is annoying.

Install GBInstagram On Android

GBInstagram is a great instagram mod which every Android users would love to have. The app comes with many cool and advanced features which we have discussed above. So, if you have also made up your mind to download and install it on your Android, then read the installation guide shared below. Make sure to go through below installation guide thoroughly to avoid any error or issue :

First of all download the gbinstagram apk file from the download section in the top context of this article. After downloading move to the settings > security > find and enable Unknown Sources !

gb instagram

Once you enable unknown sources just open the download apk file & tap the install button which appears on the screen. The installation will begin & the gbinsta mod will be installed on your device :

gbinstagram apk download for android
GBInstagram Apk Download For Android
download gbinstagram apk latest version
Download GBInstagram Apk Latest Version

That’s it ! Now you can use the gbinstagram mod. Just go through gbinsta settings to explore all the advanced and pro features which it provides. You can now use instagram with pro features & much better than earlier. If you still have any problems regarding the installation steps, then make sure to discuss with us in the comments. Here are some of the screenshots of the gbinsta mod for Android :


gbinstagram for android download

download gbinstagram

Insta Vs GBInsta

(Changelog 1.60)

  • New Chats Filter
  • Minor Bugs Fixes
  • Latest Base Update
  • New Themes Added
  • Fav Button For Chats
  • Slider Filter For Stories
  • New Languages Added
  • Fixed Downloading Error
  • Some New Privacy Mods
  • Fixed Profile Picture Zoom


In this article, we have shared the latest version of gbinstagram apk which you can now easily install on your Android. The gbinsta mod doesn’t house any security threat as the use of it is itself not legal. Since insta is becoming strict, we suggest you link any of your temporary accounts as it comes with a risk of getting banned but never happened with me till now. So, we have tried to cover each and everything about gb instagram mod and all its features. Not just that, but we have also shared one of the best and working methods to download & install the modded version of instagram on your Android device. If you have some other doubts or want to ask us anything related to the app, then make sure to chat with us in the comments. Don’t forget to share it with friends if you liked it !

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