China has betrayed Hong Kong, former HK governor says : worldnews

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From the outside, the city is gonna look perfectly normal and may still look like a rich international commerce centre or sth.

But if Hong Kong is under complete Chinese control, freedom in a lot of aspects is lost. Freedom of speech (the freedom to criticize the government, the freedom to voice out your opinion on policies), freedom of press (press would be forced to only publish news that’s beneficial to the government) etc.

Shanghai looks beautiful indeed. But if you live in China for a while, you’d realize that there’s a lot of things you aren’t able say in China. Words that criticize the government are considered as conspiracies and false information, and are banned on the internet. Telecommunication apps like WeChat filter them out automatically so you’d never see them and thought all people in China like the CCP. You won’t be able to search for documents related to CCP policies on the internet either, unless they’re praising the country and the communist party. It’s pretty fucked up in my opinion.

P.S I’m a HongKonger, slowly losing hope

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