Brazil’s indigenous people are dying at an alarming rate from Covid-19 : worldnews

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If anyone is most to blame, it is Bolsonaro and his evangelical clique. Since the age of colonization europeans were obsessed with converting indigenous people to christianity. Nowadays what we have is that evangelicals are still obsessed with this objective.

Bolsonaro was elected with a big support from evangelicals. Many were the cases of priests/ministers preaching that Bolsonaro was God’s envoy to Earth to save Brazil from communism, standard red scare. So, when he took office, he proceeded to give key positions, related to indigenous people, to evangelicals. For example, the control of FUNAI, the main body regarding this issue, was given to a evangelic missionary. He was later prosecuted and fired by the Supreme Court, because he obviously didn’t have any reason to be there besides furthering his own religious ideas.

Travels and religious missions were then intensified and clashes with specialists and agencies responsible for protecting those indigenous groups became common. What was the getaway for the government? They started to weaken those agencies, not only by limiting their actions, but publicly smearing their much needed interventions and support. All of this while also fomenting illegal logging/mining in indigenous reserves, which were “to be exploited, because they want to live like us”, in the words of our president.

The release of the latest video, of Bolsonaro’s cabinet meeting, highlighted their complete disregard for indigenous people, besides the standard religious lunatic gibberish. To top all that, today, though legislative maneuvers, religious missionaries were allowed to stay in isolated indigenous communites during the coronavirus outbreak.

We are living the normalization of the absurd. Speeches praising big companies instead of small businesses, call to arms to fight “communist” quarantines and other equally crazy statements are the common occurrence of today’s Brazil. It deeply saddens me that we were once very active in promoting good environmental policies and international cooperation, specially during the Worker’s Party (PT) government.

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