Boeing promotes its T-7 Red Hawk aircraft to Asia-Pacific clients – Defence Blog

U.S. aerospace giant Boeing is promoting its Advanced pilot training system at the Exhibition in Singapore.

According to the aviation giant ‘s Facebook account, customers in Asia got a chance to learn more about the T-7 and how this advanced training system can help prepare future fighter pilots for decades to come.

The new T-7 aircraft is designed by Saab and Boeing to help train fighter and bomber pilots for decades to come.

Developed in partnership with Saab, the T-7 advanced trainer will provide a new highly capable training solution for the United States Air Force.

Along with updated technology and performance capabilities, the T-7A will be accompanied by enhanced simulators and the ability to update system software faster and more seamlessly. The plane was also designed with maintainers in mind by utilizing easy-to-reach and open access panels.

The T-7A features twin tails, slats and big leading-edge root extensions that provide deft handling at low speeds, allowing it to fly in a way that better approximates real world demands and is specifically designed to prepare pilots for fifth-generation aircraft. The aircraft’s single engine generates nearly three times more thrust than the dual engines of the T-38C Talon which it is replacing.

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