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Blue WhatsApp Plus Welcomes you with a new version of 2023 If you want to take advantage of the new and unique features of WhatsApp, then you can download Blue WhatsApp Plus and you are welcome to our WhatsApp Plus official site, from where you can download different variations of WhatsApp Plus. Can and enjoy some unique features of WhatsApp

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In a world where communication happens at the tap of a screen, messaging apps have become an essential part of our lives. WhatsApp, with its user-friendly interface and feature-rich platform, has dominated the messaging World. But what if you could enhance your WhatsApp experience even further? That’s where Blue WhatsApp Plus comes in the world of messaging . In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of Blue WhatsApp Plus and how it can elevate your messaging game.

What is Blue WhatsApp Plus?

Blue WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the popular WhatsApp messaging app like og whatsapp and and fm whatsapp . It offers an array of enhanced features and customization options that take your messaging experience to the next level. From personalized themes to privacy settings, Blue WhatsApp Plus caters to users seeking a more tailored and feature-packed communication platform.

Blue WhatsApp Plus
Blue WhatsApp Plus

Blue WhatsApp Download Latest Version

App NameBlue WhatsApp
Android Requirement5.0 or above
File size64 MB
Last updated1 day ago

Features of Blue WhatsApp Plus 

Certainly, here are some of the key features of Blue WhatsApp Plus:

  • Custom Themes: Blue WhatsApp Plus offers a wide range of custom themes that allow you to personalize the look and feel of your messaging interface. Whether you prefer vibrant colors or a more minimalist design, you can choose a theme that suits your style.
  • Privacy Settings: This modified version of WhatsApp provides enhanced privacy options. You can hide your online status, blue ticks, and even the typing indicator. This gives you more control over who sees your activity and when.
  • Media Sharing: Blue WhatsApp Plus allows you to share media files with ease. You can send high-resolution images, videos, and audio clips without worrying about compromising the quality of the content.
  • Extended Status Length: Unlike the standard WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp Plus lets you write longer status updates. This allows you to share more detailed thoughts, updates, or even stories with your contacts.
  • Enhanced Emojis: With an expanded collection of emojis and emoticons, Blue WhatsApp Plus enhances the way you express yourself in conversations. You’ll find a wider range of options to add fun and creativity to your messages.
  • Message Scheduler: This feature enables you to schedule messages to be sent at a specific time. It’s particularly useful when you want to send a message to someone in a different time zone or remind yourself of important tasks.
  • Anti-Delete Messages: Blue WhatsApp Plus prevents others from deleting messages sent to you. This ensures that your chat history remains intact and you have access to all conversations.
  • Hide Typing and Recording Status: You can hide the typing and recording status indicators, adding an extra layer of privacy to your conversations. This feature lets you avoid the pressure of responding immediately.
  • Custom Fonts: Customize the appearance of your text by choosing from a variety of fonts available in Blue WhatsApp Plus. This feature adds a unique touch to your messages.
  • Increased Media Limit: Blue WhatsApp Plus allows you to send larger media files, which is especially helpful when sharing high-quality photos or videos.
  • Group Features: Enjoy additional control in group chats, such as the ability to disable notifications for specific groups or hide that you’ve viewed a particular message.
  • More Emojis: Discover a broader selection of emojis to enhance your emotional expression in conversations.
  • Security Features: Blue WhatsApp Plus offers security features such as app locking with a PIN or fingerprint, providing an extra layer of protection for your chats.

These are just some of the many features that Blue WhatsApp Plus brings to the table, enhancing your messaging experience and offering greater customisation and control over your interactions.

Blue WhatsApp Plus Screen Shots

Blue WhatsApp Plus Screen Shots
Blue WhatsApp Plus Screen Shots

How to Download and Install Blue WhatsApp Plus APK?

Note:- Before installing the whatsapp plus blue please backup your your original Whatsapp chat and contacts if you want to move your chat history in new Blue Whatsapp plus otherwise you will lose the old chat and message history . Blue Whatsapp Plus is not available on the play store but you can follow these steps for download and install the Blue Whatsapp Plus.

  • Backup Your Chats: Before switching to Blue WhatsApp Plus, it’s recommended to back up your chats on the original WhatsApp.
  • Download the APK: Visit the official website of Blue WhatsApp Plus and download the APK file.
  • Enable Installation: Go to your device’s settings and allow installation from unknown sources. This step is necessary to install apps from sources other than the app store.
  • Install the App: Open the downloaded APK file and follow the on-screen instructions to install Blue WhatsApp Plus.
  • Verify Your Number: Once installed, open the app, and verify your phone number. You can then restore your chats from the backup.

Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Latest Version

Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK
Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK


Blue WhatsApp Plus is like a supercharged and Unique version of the regular WhatsApp messaging app. It’s designed to make your messaging experience cooler and more personalized with extra features . With fun features like changing how your chats background and chat look, extra privacy settings, and cool emojis, it’s a fun upgrade with blue whatsapp plus. You can send high-quality photos and videos, have longer status updates, and even schedule messages. Group chats get better too, and you can keep your messages safe with a PIN or fingerprint lock. If you want to add a bit of extra flair and fun to your chats, Blue WhatsApp Plus is definitely worth checking out.

We have guided in very detail about the blue whatsapp plus, We have told you in very detail in this article how to download and install WhatsApp Plus Blue so that you do not have any problem in installing and downloading, if you still have any problem, you can tell us by commenting.


Is Blue WhatsApp Plus safe to use?

Blue WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp, and its safety may vary depending on the source of the APK file. It’s important to download the APK from a trusted source to ensure security.

Is Blue WCan I use Blue WhatsApp Plus alongside the official WhatsApp?hatsApp Plus safe to use?

Yes, you can use Blue WhatsApp Plus alongside the official WhatsApp. However, keep in mind that using modified versions of apps might raise compatibility or security concerns.

Will I lose my chats if I switch to Blue WhatsApp Plus?

No, you can back up your chats on the original WhatsApp and then restore them when you switch to Blue WhatsApp Plus.

Can I revert to the official WhatsApp after using Blue WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, you can switch back to the official WhatsApp by downloading it from the app store. Remember to back up your chats before making the switch.

Is Blue WhatsApp Plus available for iOS devices?

No Currently, Blue WhatsApp Plus is primarily available for Android devices only.