Audio QR Code: Convert and Share MP3 in a Flash!

Let’s say you’re launching a music album or want to share your latest podcast with your subscribers. Or perhaps, you want to share the music on your social media platforms, and thus, you include a short link in a post, so it’s easy for your listeners to access it. 

Then, you share your music by including its link in newsletters and email subscriptions and ask your subscribers to click on it to listen to the music. Once your subscribers click on it, how do they save the link for future reference? 

Audio QR Codes. 

Audio QR Code

Audio QR Codes can help artists share music with their listeners in the form of a QR Code by filling the gap between offline and online with a simple scan, rather than looking for a particular piece online.  

Converting any Mp3 into an audio QR Code and sharing it with prospective subscribers can minimize the hassle of looking for it manually and is also a great tool for marketing and promotions.

Before we deep dive into the topic, what are audio QR Codes?

What is an audio QR Code?

What is an audio QR Code?

In simple terms, an audio QR Code is essentially any audio or Mp3 converted into a QR Code. When an audio QR Code is scanned, the listener is redirected to the owner’s audio file. 

An audio QR Code can be created easily with an online audio QR Code generator. They are convenient to use, share, and can be played without downloading third-party software. 

An audio QR Code can be used to – 

  1. Share educational information and guides with customers
  2. Connect with potential customers 
  3. Help gain traction with easy useability 
  4. Promote songs/podcasts on various platforms

An audio QR Code is a seamless way of sharing any type of Mp3 by converting it to a QR Code, bookmark, and even downloading the Mp3 with a single scan. 

How to convert any Mp3 to audio QR Code

To convert any Mp3 to audio QR Code, follow these steps – 

  1. Go to Beaconstac’s QR Code generator and sign up for the 14-day free trial 
  2. Select Mp3 QR Code from the dashboard 
  3. Upload the audio file, or grab the link from your website and paste the link 
  4. Go on to customize the audio QR Code to change its template, eyes, pattern. Make sure to add an Mp3 logo to let your listeners know what the QR Code holds
  5. Customize the audio QR Code further by switching the toggle on for GPS analytics or even set a password 
  6. Generate and test the audio QR Code 
  7. Download the audio QR Code to start sharing! 

Audio QR Code: Where can you use them?

Video and audio content are some of the most preferred methods of consuming information across the globe. US adults spent a minimum of 1 hour per day on daily activities (on all devices) in 2020 than they did in 2019. 

According to eMarketer, digital audio content went up from 1:22 in 2019 to 1:29 in 2020. This number will surpass in 2021 to another 7 minutes, which suggests that audio content is only going to gain momentum. 

#1 Share podcasts and audiobooks 

Share podcasts and audiobooks with audio QR Codes

Want to share your podcast and audiobooks on various platforms with your listeners? 

Convert any podcast and audiobook on any platform to an audio QR Code, embed it on print marketing material, including OOH advertisements, newsletters, and even social media platforms, so users can scan the QR Code and access the audio right away. 

Audio QR Codes can not only serve as a tool for easy sharing, but they can also be an excellent tool to assess and scale up marketing efforts. Audio QR Codes are dynamic in nature, meaning they can be tracked and analyzed to help brands and individual artists to scale up their marketing efforts. 

Measure KPIs and success rate by including audio QR Codes with a distinctive CTA button in marketing guides with analytics. 

#2 Promote and share music albums

Use audio QR Codes to share music

Sharing songs and music albums has never been easier with the help of audio QR Codes. Grab the song’s link from any streaming service like Spotify, Soundcloud, or even Pandora and convert it to an audio QR Code to share it with listeners. 

Another creative way to use audio QR Codes is to embed them on brand merchandise such as T-shirts, wristbands, and even on posters for fans to scan the QR Code and listen to the song. 

Link any song/music album to the audio QR Code to share with fans on newsletters, email promotions, and even on social media. Allow fans to bookmark and download the audio track within the same landing page to gain more traction with audio QR Codes. 

#3 Tour guides 

Audio QR Codes for tour guides

Popular tourist cities have leveraged QR Codes for tour guides in the past to share virtual tours, historical information about the place, serve as a go-to guide, and more. 

What if audio QR Codes were incorporated into tour guides that can be accessed from anywhere in the world? 

Audio QR Codes for tour guides serve as an important tool to share voiceover guides about a place, an artifact, or even exciting trivia. Make use of audio QR Codes at museums, galleries, and on sidewalks, which upon scanning, redirects the listener to the audio resource. 

They are not only cost-effective and informative but also convenient for tour agencies and governments. 

#4 Distribute educational materials easily 

Share educational materials with audio QR Codes

Restore Privacy; a tech start-up uses audio QR Codes to explain complicated cybersecurity advice to its clients to give them a better experience. 

Heinrich, the owner of the company, says, “With the quick use of a standard QR code, our customers can access an in-depth security-related solution voiced over by one of my employees or me. Our customers have loved this service, and we plan to continue it well into the business’s future. I would highly recommend other business owners look into voice linked QR codes for any customer service needs.”

Audio QR Codes can be used to share educational/instructional information with customers. Technical products and services typically have an elaborated troubleshooting process – make it easier by sharing easy audio instructions that can be accessed at any point by the customer. 

Besides, schools and libraries can use audio QR Codes that can be shared with their students to quickly access audiobooks and educational guides with a simple scan. 

Convert any lesson to audio, upload it on an accessible web page, YouTube, or other streaming platforms, paste the link to convert it to an audio QR Code, and share it with students for quick reference. 

Share music from Spotify, YouTube Music, and Soundcloud 

Spotify QR Codes

Convert and share any audio/song from popular audio streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, Soundcloud, and Apple Music into an audio QR Code. 

Spotify has its own QR Codes, called Spotify QR Codes. To get your own Spotify QR Code, log on to SpotifyCodes and enter the song or playlist’s URL, customize the color, size, and download the Spotify QR Code. 

To create an audio QR Code for YouTube Music, Soundcloud, or any other audio streaming platform, click on the Share button, copy the link to paste it on an online audio QR Code generator, and customize the audio QR. Code, and download it to start sharing!

Final thoughts 

Music has long shifted from physical formats such as CDs and tapes to electronic versions, which can be easily accessed via streaming services to bridge the gap between artists and fans. 

QR Codes can be leveraged for brands and music makers to help their customers find music conveniently and on-the-go. An audio QR Code can be downloaded and printed on any platform to share, download, and save the audio for easy access. 

About 40% of digital audio users find voice ad campaigns, especially smart speakers, that drive a higher engagement than social media and print media marketing. Not just that, the digital audio ad revenue is worth more than $2.3 billion.

Brands, individual artists, and other organizations should leverage and explore digital audio content to broaden their horizons, reach out to a broader audience, and simplify the process of accessing content with audio QR Codes. 

Jump on the bandwagon of audio QR Codes today and start sharing music, audio, and podcasts on any platform! 

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