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As the name pretty much already sums it up, 9Apps is an application marketplace exclusively for Android. Over here, Android users can download apps, games, ringtones, themes and wallpapers for absolutely free. It is quite similar to Google Play Store, but is a lot cooler in number of ways. Firstly, 9Apps is entirely free to use – which means you don’t have to enter your credit/debit card details here. Users also don’t have to register over here in order to download stuff online. This app market is an amazing alternative to Google Play Store and the reasons are plenty. Download it today for absolutely free of cost from the link provided below.

9Apps Download


9Apps has more than 100,000 apps, games and other stuff that can be downloaded for free. Unlike Google Play Store, you can even download premium or paid apps/games without spending a penny. We all know how annoying do the paid apps get on Google Play Store. More than 50% of the content over here is premium i.e. not available for free on other stores. However, 9Apps brings every single game and app for your smartphones/tablets for zero price. Apart from apps and games, users can even download unlimited ringtones, themes and GIFs as well from here.

9Apps v/s Google Play Store for Android

This list is amazing as 9Apps beats the crap out of other app stores without a sweat. It was released back in 2016 and it easily beats other app markets with its subtle features and amazing content. The overall file size of 9-Apps is smaller than any other app market. It is less than 15 MB in size and there are no bloatwares over here as well. Due to this, you will barely notice any lags or jitters. 9Apps provides everything for absolutely free of cost. This includes everything that belongs to its vast collection (comprising of games, apps, ringtones, themes, GIFs and wallpapers). Do try out this app in case you haven’t already as it will amaze you and leave you baffled.

Google Play has a policy of not allowing freewares up to a certain limit. This means that not every indie developer gets to showcase his/her talent over there. However, 9Apps is free from the prejudices that developers have to face on Play Store. As a result, this app market has more than 1000 apps/games belonging to budding developers. Please note that every popular app/game of the time was once in its budding phase and rest is history. WhatsApp, for instance, was once a not-so-popular yet amazing app. Today, we all use it and it’s damn awesome. Similarly, 9Apps has everything for free of cost and you should try it out today.

Key Features of 9Apps for Android

9Apps has so many features that a list wouldn’t be enough to sum it up. However, below mentioned are some of the key features of this amazing application store for Android. Do read it entirely and it will give you some more reasons why you should download this app.

  • It has a collection of more than 100,000 apps and games for Android. This includes the freewares as well as the paid (premium) ones. Popular apps like Echo Magic Mirror, Caller Id and Vigo Lite can be downloaded from here. Other premium apps/games that you get here include – GTA San Andreas, Ludo King and more.
  • Apart from the generic apps/games, 9Apps even has third-party applications like Vidmate, TutuApp and others. These apps are also loved by plenty of Android users and are safe and secure to use. 9Apps is a clean app that runs well on every Android device.
  • Unlike Play Store, this app is free from the hassles of registration or signing-up. This means – every single feature works like charm without entering email/number. Moreover, you don’t have to enter your bank details anywhere (even for the premium apps). As you can already see, the perks of using 9Apps are plenty.
  • Top Android apps like TikTok, WhatsApp, Likee and Vidmate are present in the top apps section. This section has all of the latest and trending apps of the time for you to download for free.
  • The apps that are available over here are free from viruses and/or bugs. This means that the apps will work nicely and you don’t have to worry about them troubling you in any manner. People love to use 9Apps and it even has more than 1 million active users.
  • It is free from ads that load up randomly on other third-party apps. The lack of ads make it run smoothly and it even saves a lot of internet data. You can also download apps in parallel over here. This is a welcomed feature as Play Store doesn’t allow users to download apps in parallel.

Other Miscellaneous Features

  • There is a top apps section that contains every top app of the day/week/month. These apps include the ones that have been rated 4.5+ (out of 5) on Play Store. With this feature, you will stay updated with the popular apps in the market.
  • It has so many live wallpapers and GIFs that will improve you social media experience. This means that you will find so many social media add-ons for entirely free of cost.
  • The interface is really smooth and bloatware-free that makes the in-app experience great. Due to a light interface and a clean application, it runs well on lower-end devices as well.
  • 9Apps doesn’t need a flagship device to run. All you need is a single-cored device with Android 4.0.4 or above. Even the memory that this app requires is 1GB. So, pretty much every device is capable of running 9-Apps app market (on Android).
  • The apps and games that you download from here have to be manually installed using side-loading. A detailed section is available on this page related to side-loading on Android. Do give it a read so that you can install the APK files correctly and without errors.
  • You do not need super-fast internet connection for this app to work. Furthermore, it also doesn’t require any particular type of internet type to work. For instance, there are a few apps that only run nicely on Wi-Fi. However, such is not the case with 9Apps as it needs a 56 Kb/s connection or more.
  • It also does not much consume battery or internet data. As a result, you can use 9-Apps for long hours without draining your battery. The internet data also gets saved a lot as there is advanced data compression (saver) embedded in this app.
  • Users do not need a rooted device in order to run 9Apps. A simple non-rooted device is just fine to enjoy this app to the fullest. However, there are plenty of apps and tools here that run on rooted devices. You can surely check them out if you have a rooted device. 

9Apps APK for Android Smartphones and Tablets

9Apps is best enjoyed on Android smartphones and tablets. Every single feature of this app has been made especially for Android powered devices. This app market has been curated so that Android users are able get every app/game for free. Android is a great platform that contains some of the best apps and games of today. There are so many popular apps that belong to the third-party-apps category. These apps are equally good and a number of users love to use them. Thus, to present those (and the usual premium/free apps) apps, 9Apps was launched on Android. It runs nicely on this platform and people simply love it. It is free from bugs that cause devices to slow down and to eventually lag. So, be smart and download this app in case you want an amazing (and free) app store. Unlike other app stores, this app has everything for free and laden with more than 50 amazing features. Bonus, you can even run this app on your Windows desktops/laptops using BlueStacks App Player.

Steps to Download & Install 9Apps APK on Android Smartphones/Tablets

The process of installing Android apps manually is termed as side-loading. It is similar to installing apps on Windows based laptops and desktops. However, it often gets tricky for many. Thus, kindly read the following instructions carefully before attempting to install this app’s APK.

  • First, you need to download the APK file using the link that has been provided below. By default, the APK file gets saved inside the ‘Downloads’ folder of the device. This folder is contained inside the root folder of the internal storage.
  • Open the device settings and go to security settings. Over there – you need to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ option. This enables installation from external sources (i.e. apart from Google Play Store).
  • Find the downloaded APK file in the Downloads folder and open it. Click on ‘install’ in order to start the installation.
  • The app will get installed in a couple of minutes (or a few seconds). Once it gets installed, run it from the icon on your home-screen.

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