5 creative uses of QR codes for Marketing

QR codes are a phenomenal way to merchandise your products and drive customer traffic to your website without any pep talk nor physical presence. Streets now are filled with QR codes that take digitalization a step forward in our current evolving era.

With the social distancing and pandemic situation escalating over our heads, the viral spread of COVID-19 can be subjugated by the new collaborative platform – Quick Response (QR) codes.

Creative uses of QR Codes for marketing campaigns

QR codes are the evolving comeback of 2020 that has become an embedding platform for 60% of marketers to showcase their products and services that encompass brochures, technical specs, registration hyperlinks, payment gateways, and much more information to process instead of the traditional pamphlets.

The QR codes are an innovative and unique way of building your business base, thereby boosts brand awareness in the process.

A new trend builds your brand on the go.

QR Codes for marketing campaigns

Having a business audience, QR codes gives you an ideal platform to engage with the best sources and new leads to create evolving opportunities without any physical entities.

Encompassing the entire data in a simple barcode that’s machine-readable, QR Codes are now a commercial technique of linking the physical world to your brand.

Well, all thanks to the smartphone and digitalization, almost 75% of the world has all their documents and credentials right in their hand. With high-frequency data in usage, the posts and artifacts needed to build your brand are increased by 35% of the market with modern technology.

Studies denote that 25 – 30% of developed nations use QR Codes to promote their brand and use them in other conventional events. 

Hence, it’s a massive potential for marketers and entrepreneurs to print and publish their brand via QR codes in their marketing campaigns.

QR codes – The popular platform

Nowadays, QR codes are varsity used in payment gateways, which gives the buyer and provider commendable benefits. The user gets additional units or discounts via QR Code payments, whereas the provider with potential prospects.

When you are on the verge of your marketing campaign, QR codes are an elusive way to woo your target audience.

The main focus of scanning QR Codes is to make payments, get information, authenticate themselves, avail offers, and use them in interacting.

Each business has its uniqueness, and blending them with creativity can steer more leads and potential clients via printing the QR Codes in various etiquette products.

Entertainment and QR codes

Spotify QR Codes for marketing campaigns

Messaging apps and entertainment platforms have taken QR codes to the next level by using them to add friends on the go. Platforms nowadays have embedded QR codes into their features, making it easy for the younger generation.

Still, inviting people through inviting mails and the traditional contact adding techniques…? Scan on the go with QR code is the new trend. Encompassing the entire data in a simple barcode that’s machine-readable, QR Codes are now a commercial technique of linking the physical world to your brand.

Adding to messaging platforms, entertainment platforms like,

  1. WeChat, 
  2. Snapchat, 
  3. Pinterest, 
  4. Facebook Messenger 
  5. Instagram
  6. Spotify

Business and employment-oriented services like

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Twitter
  3. Amazon 

Besides custom-made QR codes in the market, socializing apps create a unique code for each user, making it easy to add one another to their friend list in a jiffy. 

QR codes are becoming a trend that’s being used in creative ways such as greeting someone, sharing mixtapes, dedicating a song, DIY ideas with step-by-step instructions, and even conveying personalized messages to closed ones.

Spotify lets you dedicate and share songs with these QR codes, wherein when the song is played when the recipient scans the code.

The versatile QR Codes are printed out and used in various promotional conferences, events displays, banners, business cards, flyers, brochures, and pamphlets connecting the customers with a hyperlink to your landing page/website.

Marketing Campaigns with QR Code

QR Codes for marketing campaigns

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Statistics show that 75% of marketers use QR code scanning to add prospects, growing rapidly this financial year 2020. Targeting your audience with the new technique will always ace their attention. The scan and go artistry has taken over the traditional fill in applications. 

Include print QR codes merchandise in your campaign to enhance your presence globally and locally, pulling in leads from all sectors.

Speaking about the target audience, QR codes are generally popular between the age group of 24 to 54, according to popular reports.  

Print promotions led to more engaging leads and an increase in ROI that came along with the payments done by QR code discounts.

Using a vCard QR Code helps your potential clients save your business contact details quickly, giving you more time to talk about your products.

The in-built scanning features in iPhones, and the new android’s paved a new way for modern marketers as it increased QR code acceptance. Target Audience with QR codes that have targeted content or data that has been meticulously curated to pitch about your service and how helpful they will be to their requisite.

Pandemic Virus COVID 19 impact and the comeback of QR codes

Though QR codes were known from the early ’90s, they’ve been brimming to heights lately this year, 2020. With the pandemic virus COVID-19, we have embraced the new normal of social distancing, a touch-free custom that keeps the germs eluding conversations off the chart.

Here’s where the QR codes resurged their presence by 60% than the traditional techniques now in the field.  

With restaurants and markets using table-top QR code menu cards and billboards with payment QR codes, the public has become more fond of these applications saving time and safeguarding them from the spreading virus.

Providing a contactless option to customers, the QR codes can be printed in Eco-friendly merchandise and used in creative ways like printing them in t-shirts, collectibles, coffee mugs, and other promotional goods, chattels, etc.

A good example is booking tickets nowadays; when you book tickets for a movie, a QR code is sent to you with your seating details embedded with the timing added with coupon codes to your next trip. 

That’s marketing done right; You have marked your presence by giving them a discount code to get back to you, you have branded your business name through payment gateways. All done with one QR code ticket booking. 

Getting feedback through QR codes from customers can get you the prospects and the reviews you need improvising without any human intervention.

Ways to build your brand awareness via QR codes

Making it a one-stop solution for showcasing your products and services, QR codes can encompass a large varsity of know-how videos, brochures, demos, and infographics, demonstrating them virtually. 

QR codes allow you to improve Brand Awareness, attract business relationships, and drive traffic to your website.

The analysis metrics of QR codes allow you to heighten insights, build your brand & build credibility by improvising each and every step in your marketing campaigns.

With the creative ideas added to your marketing campaign, these QR codes can be printed out in T-shirts, magazines, V-card, in return gifts, tags, billboards, and over any object that’s alluring to customers.

Curating your QR codes with engaging articles and content with the social media buttons and Call-to-actions can yield email campaigns’ benefits in no time. 

Creative QR codes that’s on the trend 

Not that QR codes are specialized in marketing campaigns, they are now talk of the town with more entertainment looped in it.

  1. Platforms like Spotify allow you to create a playlist of your favorite songs and lets you share with your close ones through these embedded QR codes.
  2. Besides storefront displays, you can use QR codes with promotions, discounts, and giveaways to loop them back to your business.
  3. Create greeting cards and mixtapes according to the occasion by printing them on wedding giveaways to remind you about your day.
  4. Create QR codes giving your users access to free wi-fi whilst they are on your premises.
  5. Print QR codes with a location on posters meant for event propaganda, allowing people to reach you easily.
  6. With a unique QR code assigned for each product, counterfeiting your brand would be concluded.
  7. Print QR codes on Food packaging; almost everyone loves binge foods. Loop in the recipes, DIY videos or Vlogs so brings in subscribers.
  8. Create YouTube videos or influencing videos and embed QR codes in the background. This way, you keep your subscribers engaged with your content and build your brand awareness popularity in no time.
  9. Redirect users to your social media pages with a freebie to build your followings count on popular social networking sites like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

QR codes in 2020 are beacons in marketing strategy that piques the interest in customers giving them the augmented reality experience and providing relevant information about your brand. Stand out from traditional marketing strategies with QR codes cohering your audience into a digital platform with just a scan.

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